Clarkson Programmes

At Horizons Childhood Learning Centres we offer four distinct age appropriate programs. Using the principles of fun, play and interaction our programmes are designed to foster each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, creative and physical development.

Each of our rooms is a hive of activity as children enjoy and explore their environment. This results from our qualified staff developing a programme based on a variety of direct observations of the individual interests and strengths of each child. This individual approach ensures children are reaching their developmental milestones and developing a healthy attitude towards learning.

Age Groups

  • Babies 6 weeks – 2 years
  • Toddler 2-3 years
  • Preschool 3-5 years
  • School aged before and after school care 5-12 years


Our staff recognizes that each baby is unique and has individual needs. Recognition of each child’s unique needs is vital in providing an environment where babies feel safe, happy and have a trusting relationship with their carers. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure your child’s routine is considered allowing a continuity of care and a smooth transition from the home environment. We look for opportunities to use playtime as an educational tool for your child during which we sing, talk, hold and play. We understand that one on one interaction is important in this age group and high staff-child ratios allow this. Programming is developed through close observation of our babies so as to cater for their individual abilities and interests. Individual child reports are provided daily to parents.


Toddlers have an increasing need for exploration and activity and as such a more structured programme emerges which helps prepare the children for their pre-school years. Language, self care and social development are key areas of the toddler programme and as the children take on appropriate challenges their self confidence grows.

The toddler programme introduces new fine and gross motor skills through a range of indoor and outdoor activities. Painting, singing, storytelling, games, indoor and outdoor play and music are all included. Computer facilities are also available at some centres.

Routine and repetition provide toddlers with a sense of security therefore regular meal and rest times are encouraged. Programming assists children to follow routine and participate in small group activities.


Our pre-school programme focuses on encouraging independence and helps to prepare children for the transition to school. Staff actively provide opportunities for children to express their thoughts and ideas and give children the opportunity to make choices. Children are encouraged to participate in self help skills and to share in room responsibilities. Programming includes gross motor development, indoor and outdoor play, language and music and movement. Activities also include an introduction to pre-reading and pre-writing skills, numeracy, comprehension and problem solving.

Before and after school programme

At Horizons Childhood Learning Centres our school aged children (5-12 years) are cared for either in our own facility, or within the grounds of local schools, in a comprehensive before and after school programme.

Our before school programme provides breakfast where required, a wide range of quiet activities and transport to within school grounds.

The after school programme includes transport from school to our centre (where the programme is not held within school grounds), afternoon tea and a range of indoor and outdoor activities including crafts, games and music. Quiet time is set aside for homework and children are provided with access to supervised computer use where possible.