Clarkson Staff

Lauren (Centre Director)

Lauren has over 16 years experience in the Child Care Industry. She began as an assistant working in the industry whilst studying her Diploma in Children’s Services once Qualified Lauren worked her way through to management. Lauren has also worked as a Lecturer of Children’s Services and a Family Day Care Coordinator. Lauren returned to work in Long Day Care when her baby girl turned 6weeks old, as a working mother Lauren has an appreciation for the day to day pressures of raising a young family and running a household. Lauren is very dedicated to ensuring all young children are given every opportunity to receive high quality care in a safe happy environment.

Emma-Jane (Assistant Director)

Emma-Jane has been working in the childcare industry for 15 years and has her Diploma in Children’s Services and she has been working at Horizons for 7 months. Emma-Jane   believes that every child has the right to develop and learn at the own pace in a fun and safe environment. She always welcomes all parents, children and staff with a smile on her face.

Sue (Qualified)

Sue is currently on Maternity leave and will be returning to Horizons at the end of October as the Qualified Educator in the Babies room. Sue now has 5 babies of her own and is a grandmother of 1. With extensive experience working both in the UK and Australia Sue has developed a patient and caring nature which reflects the warm and friendly atmosphere in the babies room.

Cathy (Qualified)

Cathy is the Qualified Educator in the Toddler room. With a Diploma in Teaching and 13   years experience in Child Care, Cathy brings to the room a wealth of knowledge andbmaturity. Cathy’s main philosophy is that Children Learn Through Play and also believes toddlers creative development is “Process not Product”.

Lisa (Qualified)

Lisa is our qualified primary school teacher that has been working throughout all the rooms in the centre in a casual maternity leave position. Lisa will soon take on a permenant postition within Horizons Clarkson working alongsde Cathy in the toddlers room.  Lisa loves to introduce the children do different kinds of art activities and the children learn through new experiences every day. Lisa strongly believes children learn through play.

Emma (Qualified)

Emma has been working at Horizons for 2 months as the qualified educator in the Kindy room. Emma began her career in the childcare industy about 6 years ago in Ireland. Emma decided to come to Australia for a sunny change and moved across the continent around a year ago. She believes children are unique and very special and can achieve anything with the right encouragement.

Luke (Qualified)

Luke is the Qualified Educator in the schoolies room, Luke he has a degree in teaching, which he studied in England. Luke has been working at Horizons for 1 year and has just recieved his permenant residancy. Luke s loving life which shows in his “can do” personality. Luke aims to provide a welcoming, safe and happy environment for the children within his care.

Samantha (Qualified)

Sam has worked in childcare for 4.5 years and has a Certificate 4 in Outside School Hours Care. Samantha works alongside Luke running the before school care, after school care and vacation care programs. Samantha loves the challange that comes with working with school aged children and always takes the childrens considerations and feelings into account when asking decisions about the room.

Leanne (Assistant)

Leanne has been working at Horizons for over 6 months and is currently studying the Diploma in Children’s Services. Leanne works in the babies room as an assistant educator. Leanne has a brought her bright bubbly, friendly manner into the centre forming very strong bonds with all the children she cares for and brings lots of fun new experiences and ideas into the room.

Cheyanne (Assistant)

Cheyanne has been working at Horizons for over a year and is currently studying her Certificate 3 in Children’s services. Cheyanne works as an assistant in the Toddlers room where she provides many enjoyable and exciting activities for the children. Cheyanne has go a huge a passion for working with babies and young children and hopes to continue her studies and run her own room in the not so distant future.

Jessica (Assistant)

Jessica has been working at Horizons for close to 2 years and has worked in all rooms with all ages of children. Jessica is currently working as an assistant in our Toddlers room as she awaits the birth of her first chld. Jessica has her Certificate 3 in Children’s services and is about to start studying the Diploma of Children’s Services. Jessica has great organization skills and uses this to assist other staff members and the children with their day to day activities.

Lyndsey (Assistant)

Lyndsey is the newest staff member to Horizons. She recently moved  to Australia from Ireland. Lyndsey has her Diploma in Montessori and has been working in childcare for 2 years. At the moment she works as an assistant in the Toddler room, she strongly believes that children learn through play. Lyndsey has a very patient and caring manner which is shown towards all children, staff and parents within the centre.

Aleice (Assistant)

Aleice has been working at Horizons for 3 years, taking a short break in the middle to have her first son. Aleice has completed her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and is about to begin studying for her Diploma in Children’s Services. Aleice is currently working in the Kindy room with with Emma and Renae. Aleice’s loud bubbly personality shows through when she does mat times as she loves to sing and dance with the children around her.

Renae (Assistant)

Renae has been working at Horizons Clarkson for just over a year, Renae has worked within all of our rooms and has now settled into the assistants position in the Kindy. Renae enjoys creating new activities and fun learning experiences for the children and her quiet spoken personality has been a breath of fresh air to the chidren in the centre.

Lisa (Assistant)

Lisa has been working at horizons for 2 years and she works as an assistant in the schoolies room. Lisa’s love for scrapbooking and art and craft shines through in the activities she prepares for the children. Lisa’s infections smile and happy personality is a favorite with the children, with the bonds and trust between Lisa and the children being evident. Lisa is about to begin her studies of the Certificate 3 in Children’s Services.

Kayleigh (Assistant)

Kayleigh has been working at Horizons for 8 months and she has her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services. Kayleigh is fun, bubbly and outgoing and is always up for a new challenge. Kayliegh is flexble and works between all rooms.

Shannon (Relief Assistant)

Shannon has been working at Horizons for 5 months and she has her Certificate 2 in Children’s Services. Shannon has a very welcoming manner and always loves to make the children and their parents feel welcome, safe and happy within the centre.