Long Day Care

About our Long Day Care Service

Choosing a long day care service is a difficult task and it is essential that you feel comfortable with the services provided and care given. Our aim is to both compliment and extend your home environment so that we work in partnership with you to provide a caring and positive environment in which you child can learn and grow.

Specific information on the services and programmes provided within each of our long day care facilities can be found by following these links.

Horizons Childhood Learning Centre – Clarkson

Horizons Childhood Learning Centre – South Fremantle

Horizons Childhood Learning Centre – Woodvale

Settling In

At Horizons Childhood Learning Centres we attach great importance to assisting you and your child to settle in to the centre environment. The experience is different for all, and for this reason our staff approach this process on an individual basis. For most children a settling in period with their parent is required. This gives your child an opportunity to orientate to their new environment and begin to develop a relationship with the staff that are caring for them.

Some children enter this world with confidence whilst others can find it a little confusing. Feelings of separation anxiety for both children and parents is normal so rest assured our qualified staff are there to support you during this time. However your child approaches this process, understand that your child’s welfare and happiness is our priority and we are here to support you through this change.

Developmental Milestones

As a learning centre we aim to give your child a strong foundation to assist them through their early years of education. Our staff are always looking for opportunities to encourage children’s growth and independence allowing them to develop and gain confidence in their ability to reach important developmental milestones.

Communicating to parents the achievements of these milestones is an integral part of the service we provide. Our trained staff are continually assessing how each child is advancing and informs parents of their child’s social and learning progress in a number of ways.

Staff at Horizons Childhood Learning Centres keep daily records about your child’s day which are available to parents at the end of each day. These records include information on routines, meals, sleep and activities.

At Horizons we ensure children are given every opportunity to learn and succeed through exploration, questioning and creative play. The product of this activity, such as the children’s art work, is also taken home to share with parents

Our staff are always available to discuss any aspect of your child’s care and development and your feedback is welcomed.