South Fremantle Staff

Erin (Centre Director and Supervising Officer)

Erin runs and oversees both the Long Day Care Centre and the Outside of School Hours Care. Erin enjoys nothing more than meeting new children and families and getting to know all their names. Erin makes time to spend in the each of the rooms which allows her to play with the children but also to build relationships with them. Erin has her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies.

Steph (Qualified)

Steph is the Group Leader in our Kindy room and is also the Assistant Director. Steph has a vibrant, larger than life personality and enjoys planning interesting and original activities for the children. Steph has a Diploma in Children’s Services.

Melissa (Qualified)

Melissa is our Group Leader in the Nursery room. Melissa is our wonderfully creative and artistic person who is responsible for many of our beautiful displays throughout the centre. She also devises comprehensive programs with a strong focus on art and craft for the children which they enjoy immensely. Melissa is a very organised, happy and patient person which makes her a perfect person for this role. Mel has a Diploma in Children’s Services.

Nicky (Qualified)

Nicky is the Group Leader in our Toddlers room. Nicky has such a caring, calm personality which you can see reflected in how the children run to her for a cuddle in the morning and the calmness to a very busy room. Nicky is super organised and always comes up with great ideas that our toddlers enjoy. Nicky has her Diploma in Children’s Services.

Carly (Qualified)

Carly is also a Group Leader in our Kindy room as a job share. As Carly is a teacher she brings an educational side to these children’s day which helps them to become ‘school ready.’ Being American Carly has new ideas and approaches that help make each day new and exciting. Carly has a Bachelor of Science in Primary Education.

Gitte (Senior Assistant)

Gitte is the centre “Mum”. Having two children of her own, Gitte has a very practical approach to child care that the children find reassuring, particularly in her Kindy room. Gitte is great at encouraging children to practice their self-help skills, which is a wonderful source of pride for them. Ever ready with a cuddle, the children adore her. Gitte has her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and is currently studying her Diploma.

Tania (Senior Assistant)

Tania is a very gentle and soft educator in the Kindy room. She loves to bring a lot of her M?ori background to the centre and to the activities she organises with the children. Both children and families flock to Tania in the mornings and really respond to her caring nature. Tania has a Diploma of Early Childhood Teaching.

Lisa (Senior Assistant)

Lisa shows a real passion for childcare with both a true love for the children and their welfare. Lisa works in our Nursery room and as a mother of two she enjoys and understands the little milestones that occur such as ‘first steps’ and ‘first words and helps the children to develop and grow further. Lisa has her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and is currently studying her Diploma.

Morgan (Assistant)

Morgan is one of our many multitalented workers as she not only takes on a lot of the art and craft done in the Toddlers room but also does our Before and After School care runs to and from the 3 school we service. Morgan also uses her New Zealand background teaching the children different words and phrases. Morgan has a Bachelor of Teaching in Primary.

Amy (Assistant)

Amy is always eager to learn and eager to help. She is most flexible in that though she is based in our Nursery room, she often floats from room to room to help out. Amy always has the children’s best interests at heart and is a very nurturing staff member. Amy is currently studying her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services.

Jacinta (Assistant)

Jacinta has very bubbly personality and is always happy to talk with all parents about how their child’s day was or to answer any questions. With a smile on her face always Jacinta is a delight to have in our Toddlers room. Jacinta has a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services.

Danielle (Assistant)

Danielle is another gentle and soft natured staff member in our Toddlers room who is a very efficient worker and always gets the job done. Danielle as a mother understands that children need love and attention even at day care and her cuddle is never far away. Danielle has a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services.

Grace (Qualified and Nominated Supervising Officer OSHC)

Grace is the Group Leader of our Outside of School Hours Care which includes both After School Care and Vacation Care. Grace has a nurturing, gentle nature about herself that the children find both comforting and calming. Grace enjoys her close relationships with the families and bringing an educational side to After School Care. Grace has a certificate 4 in Teacher Assistant and is currently studying her Bachelor of Education.

Jess (Assistant)

Jess works between our Long Day Care centre and our OSHC service. Jess is amazingly flexible and has a true talent in special needs as she has worked as a Support Worker within our Centre. Jess is always looking for better ways to do things which will greatly benefit our children. Jess is currently studying her Bachelor of Education.

Evie (Assistant)

Evie is energetic, bubbly and always ready to work. Evie though caring and flexible between working in every aspect of our Long Day care and OSHC has a gentle but firm nature with the children. Evie is always willing to learn and grow as an educator. Evie is currently studying her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services.