Woodvale Staff

Our carers and teachers are early childhood professionals and are dedicated to the development of every child. They bring their own individual skills and experiences to the classroom enhancing their own personal teaching style.

Variations within classroom programs will occur as early learning personnel focus on the different needs and interests of each child with the uniqueness of each child being the focus of our learning environments.

Each centre has a clear set of goals based on a philosophy established from a sound knowledge of early childhood education theories and practices. These goals form the basis of each classroom’s program.

Kayleen (Centre Director)

Kayleen has over 20 years experience in the Child Care Industry. She began as an assistant working in the industry whilst studying her Diploma in Children’s Services once Qualified Kayleen worked her way through to management completing her Advanced Diploma In Children’s Services. Kayleen is very dedicated to ensuring all young children are given every opportunity to receive high quality care in a safe happy environment.


Sandi (Qualified Educator)

Sandi is a fabulous, energetic and caring. Sandi joined Woodvale with a wealth of experience gained from her many years spent working in the industry and raising a family of her own.  She has a beautiful connection with the children which is gorgeous to watch.  Sandi is the Group Leader in the Babies  Room. Sandi’s natural ability to nurture shows in so many ways and being a mother she is certainly well qualified to work with children.  It is terrific to have someone as fun and relaxed as Sandi around – nothing is too much trouble and she is always willing to lend a hand and do that extra bit to help out


Bree (Qualified Educator)

Bree is the group leader in our Toddlers Room. Bree has a beautiful, calm spirit that emanates throughout the Toddlers room giving it true warmth.  She is one of these rare people that achieve so much and manage to make it appear effortless. Bree is great at encouraging children to practice their self-help skills, which is a wonderful source of pride for them. Bree has many years experience and is currently studying her Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services.


Alicja (Qualified Teacher)

Alicja is our Group Leader in the Kindy room. Alicja has many years experience gaining her Teacher Qualifications in Poland and working for 6 years in Ireland before coming to Australia.  Alicja works hard every week to compile comprehensive Pre School programs with a strong focus on individual development and fun for the children which they enjoy immensely. Alicja is a very organised, happy and patient person which makes her a perfect person for this role.

Hayley (Educator)

Hayley works part time and cares for the children in our Babies Room.  She has a very calm and gentle way about her which enables her to readily form close bonds with the little ones in her care. Hayley is currently studying her Certificate 3 In Children’s Services.

Shara (Educator)

Shara works along side Bree in the Toddlers  Room.  Shara has a vibrant, larger than life personality and enjoys planning interesting and original activities for the children.  Shara has a Cetificate 3 in Children’s Services and is currently studying her Diploma in Children’s Services.

Camilla (Senior Educator)

Camilla currently works part time in the Toddlers room alongside Bree and Shara. Camilla joins us from New Zealand where she began her study in Child Care. She is hard working and no job is too big or small for her to tackle. The children have become very close to her with many calling her ‘Milla’.  Camilla has continued with her study in Australia and has brought with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from the Early Childhood Centre’s in New Zealand.

Catherine (Senior Educator)

Catherine is a wonderful, easy going, friendly and gentle person who is relaxed with everyone.  Children are attracted to her, and she is so patient and tolerant that she wins them over every time.  Never frazzled, Catherine can walk into any situation and have a lovely calming effect.  Catherine sets a great example to anyone of the importance of being a team player, she works well with everyone and has the respect of the all the staff.  Catherine is a very caring and generous person who has a great ability to communicate and interact with children of any age.

Gill (Senior Educator)

Gill is our beautiful, softly spoken, gentle member of our team. Gill works in our Kindy Room. Gill has a great relationship with all the children she cares for and the children automatically gravitate towards her soft nature.  Gill has a great understanding of children this age and that is reflected in her interactions with them.  Gill is just complete her Certificate 3 In Children’s Services.

Jasmine (Senior Educator)

Jasmine’s loving, bright, vivacious personality and warm nature ensures she is very popular with the children. Jasmine works part time at Woodvale while studying her Bachelor in Early Childhood Education.   Jasmine brings a lot of fun to the children’s day always finding new activities and props for them to explore.

Dani (Senior Educator)

Dani also works part time at Woodvale while studying her Bachelor in Early Childhood Education.  Dani has travelled Europe bringing back with her wonderful, exciting cultural experiences for the children along with her study at Uni, the children enjoy a variety of new experiences. Dani adapts well to any situation which makes her perfect to work in any room.