Philosophy of Care

At Horizons Childhood Learning Centres, the best interests of the children and their families is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission to provide each child with the most positive start in life is based on the following philosophies:

  • Respect – we respect and embrace the home routines and rituals of each child in order to develop trusting, nurturing relationships.
  • Individuality – we understand that each child is truly unique in language, culture, customs, religious beliefs, spirituality and values. We welcome each child’s individuality and help them develop in areas they show interest.
  • Pace – we provide children the time they need to develop their own sense of autonomy and responsibility.
  • Discovery – we believe children learn best through discovery and creative play, and our environment allows them to extend their interests through engagement and exploration.
  • Encouragement – we encourage each child to express their ideas, creativity and feelings naturally and freely in order to build self worth and a sense of belonging.
  • Independence – we provide regular reflection experiences so that each child has the opportunity to voice personal likes, dislikes and opinions that foster independence.
  • Initiative – we assist children in developing key life skills so that they can begin to learn to use and trust their own initiative.
  • Sense of agency – we create an encouraging environment for children to develop a sense of agency and practice their ability to make their own decisions.
  • Communication – we value the role of each child’s family, and encourage their involvement and the exchange of information in a respectful manner.