The single largest change in childcare funding for over a decade commenced on 2 July with the introduction of the Federal Governments new Child Care Subsidy.

A centrepiece of the Turnbull governments childcare policy, the new CCS aims to provide a simplified system of funding by combining the old CCB and CCR into a single consistent subsidy payment. There were many other changes accompanying this key element and supporting its implementation. The change involved a million families across Australia having to have their subsidy % reviewed and interacting with their MyGov website to approve their care.

Horizons has also been at the forefront of the changes and immediately adjusted their fee structures to a very family friendly sessional care model. This means that families effectively only pay for the education and care they receive. This unique model moves away from the traditional daily charges and ensures families maximise their subsidy while only paying for the hours they are in care.

Speaking about the changes Horizons CEO Natalie stated “At Horizons we are firmly focused on our families. We believe our unique fee model gives families the most flexible care options while maximising the subsidy they receive from the government and minimising the out of pocket expense they pay. We are very excited at what we have been able to save our families and put back in their tight budgets. Our focus has always been on ensuring affordable care for working families and we continue to be top of the class in our locations.”

Please contact your closest centre director for more information.